Despite its youth, this co-operative has long years of experience in organic production. BIO SÜDTIROL was founded in 2002. Its members already had many decades of experience in organic farming.

This co-operative has 180 producers, making it Europe's largest group of farmers involved in cultivating apples and pears in accordance with strict organic regulations. 23,000 tonnes of fruit is grown annually on 600 hectares. The proof of quality: every single fruit is awarded the Bioland trade mark.

If Bio is marked on the fruit, then it is organic on the inside. The co-operative keeps a watchful eye on the purity of its products. The use of the latest technology and software makes it possible to monitor every step in the cultivation of a product, all the way back to the actual orchard and picker. Modern machinery also increases the efficiency of the sorting and packing processes. And there's more. The entire operation has been awarded ISO 9001/9002 certification, and also IFC and BRC certification. 90% of the harvest carries the GlobalGap stamp.

BIO SÜDTIROL is especially proud of the variety of items it produces. With more than 30 different varieties, its products include favourites such as Golden Delicious and Gala. Popular varieties like Pink Lady® and Fuji are, of course, also part of the range.

I-39010 Cermes
Via Trojen, 15
Tax number: IT02313790210
Tel. 00 39 0473 550200
Fax 00 39 0473 554126

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