In 1975, 26 original members founded the Fruchthof J Kössler Co-operative. Initially they had to rent their warehousing space. However, their growing success and ever increasing delivery quantities soon made it clear that a new building was urgently needed. Construction began in Frangarto. 1984 saw the co-operative move to this site and rename itself to become the Fruchthof Überetsch. Even by then the annual delivery quantity was over 1.200 carts. The co-operative continued to grow throughout the following years; in 1998 it merged with the OPAN Co-operative in Andriano, in 2004 with GOG – Firmiano Fruit Growers’ Co-operative and in 2012 with SACRA Co-operative in San Michele/Appiano.

After this joining its 605 members now produce an annual harvest of almost 60.000 tons of fruit on their 990 hectares. Almost 45% of production is composed by the varieties Gala and Golden Delicious. The remaining varieties are Fuji, Pink Lady®, Braeburn, Granny Smith, Red Delicious, Jazz® and Kanzi®. A wide range which permits the co-operative to satisfy mostly all customer specific desires.  

The very latest technology ensures the highest levels of efficiency: fully-automated high shelf warehouses, modern packaging lines and an excellent sorting which ensures fruit’s quality on a very high level. The top quality of the co-operative's apples is confirmed also by ISO 9000 certification for its quality management system, which is constantly monitored and improved by IFC and BRC.

I-39057 Frangarto/Appiano
Via Bolzano, 69
Tax number: IT00229220215
Tel. 00 39 0471 630111
Fax:00 39 0471 630112

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VAT number 00122310212