Integrated Production (IP)

IP is a guideline for growing fruit and vegetables, a production method. According to the “Working group for integrated fruit production in South Tyrol” it is an “agricultural production system for foods which uses all techniques, means of production and pesticides in such a way as to rationalise fertilization and reduce the application of synthetic chemicals to a minimum while observing ecological, toxicological and economic principles”.

IP is a conviction, a clear commitment of our fruit growers to salubriousness, preservation of the environment and sustainability. The South Tyrolean apple production has been based on these values for quite a long time now, since a group of South Tyrolean apple growers started with this environment-friendly production method in 1989 and did pioneer work in this field. By now, IP has become standard practice in our production.

What does a farmer who decides to take up IP do? He tries to maintain a natural balance in his orchards by sparing the natural antagonists of pests and intervening only if indispensable in order to protect the plants and crops. He preserves the health and fertility of the soil.

IP is subject to strict controls which are a guarantee for healthy and high-quality apples.


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