Quality Management System

Top Quality from South Tyrol

Apples from South Tyrol are more than just a piece of unspoiled nature. They are the pride of an entire region. As a byword for health, unmistakable taste and unique pleasure, they meet best quality standards. We have to maintain their inner and external values. Therefore, our apples pass through a series of comprehensive quality controls. From orchard to the shelf where it is sold, our gapless quality management system sets new benchmarks in the fruit-producing economy.

It includes carefully controlled cultivation methods ensuring compliance with all current production regulations. All this in addition to the most stringent guidelines that control harvesting, delivery and storage, sorting, packaging and dispatch. Finally we apply consistent analytical processes, extremely strict selection criteria and clear recording methods which allow us to trace the development of each apple.

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Qualität Apfel Anlieferung und Lagerung en Cultivation Harvesting Transportation and storage Sorting Packing and dispatch Traceability

Delivery and storage

Visual checks of harvest

Labelling of every single bin to guaranty traceability

  • Producer
  • Orchard
  • Variety
  • Date of delivery
  • Production method
  • Quality (harvest method)

Sampling to analyse pesticide residues – risk analysis based on the monitoring programme report

Determination of internal quality parameters
Allocation of ideal cell for storage (long-term, medium-term or short-term)

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