Best apple. Best service.


The Consortium of South Tyrolean Fruit Growers‘ Co-operatives (VOG) is leading throughout Europe in the production of best table apples and markets South Tyrolean apples in meanwhile over 50 countries.


75 years of history

Trust and cooperation. This motto led to the foundation of the VOG in 1945 and still forms the cornerstone of the association.

12 cooperatives

guarantee a flawless and efficient processing during the different production phases

4.600 fruit growers

work hard every day to produce table apples of the highest quality.

Integrated Production (IP)

IP is a guideline for growing fruit and vegetables, a production method. In order to preserve the environment and sustainability, our fruit growers use all techniques, means of production and pesticides in such a way as to rationalize fertilization and reduce the application of synthetic chemicals to a minimum.

Biological Production

Some of our apples are grown using organic methods. This type of growing technique takes the whole agricultural ecosystem into consideration, exploits the soil’s natural fertility, encouraging it with limited intervention, fosters the biodiversity of the surrounding environment and excludes the use of synthetic products.

Our apple varieties


Golden Delicious


Granny Smith


Red Delicious


Stayman Winesap



Coop38 / GoldRush®


Inored / Story®


Scilate / envy

Rosy Glow - Sekzie / Pink Lady®

Shinano Gold / yello®

Nicoter / Kanzi®

MC38 / Crimson Snow®

Scifresh / Jazz


Civg198 / Modì®

RoHo 3615 / Evelina®

SQ159 / Natyra®

Minneiska / SweeTango

CIVM49 / RedPop®

Ipador / Giga®

WA38 / Cosmic Crisp®

CR Brisset / Joya®


tonnes of apples


apple trees


export markets


hectares of land

420 - 450

mio. turnover

Client statements

Raggiungere certi traguardi e superarli non è da tutti, riesce solo chi con tenacia e perseveranza si applica per scrivere pagine del suo futuro. Il mio augurio sincero per ciò che ora siete e per quanto domani saprete essere.

Gianmarco Guernelli
Responsabile Acquisti Ortofrutta

We want to congratulate VOG with more than 70 years fruitful business!
We are proud to be your Marlene partner in Netherlands.
Wishing the whole VOG team all the best for the coming years.

Jack Aartsen
owner Aartsenfruit
We've had the pleasure of collaborating with VOG for over 18 years. The VOG team has enabled us to successfully establish Marlene as the premier brand in Cyprus, and we are proud to be the supplier of this premium product in our market. We thank you for all your support over the years, and we look forward to an even more profitable future together.
Andreas Agrotis
Amalthia Trad. Company

La profesionalidad y excelencia de VOG ha convertido a ARC Eurobanan, con "Marlene®" en un referente en España. Esta alianza comercial ha hecho que unas excelentes manzanas y el adecuado canal de comercialización se conviertan en líderes en la categoría en la Peninsula Iberica. La marca ha tenido una increíble proyección en nuestro grupo y esperamos que éste, desemboque en un proyecto mucho mayor a medio plazo.

Juan José Ledesma
Coordinador Dpto. Internacional y Marketing. Grupo ARC Eurobanan

I have had the pleasure of working with VOG over a number of years; more than 25 in total.
First in Gartnerhallen and there after in Bama.
VOG’s wide range of quality products , their team and their nice location for appleproduction makes VOG one of Bamas preferred suppliers.

Hilde Ohnstad
Product Manager

Wir blicken auf eine langjährige, vertrauensvolle und partnerschaftliche Zusammenarbeit mit dem VOG zurück, bei der wir uns stets darauf verlassen konnten, den besten Service und Produkte in Top Qualität zu bekommen. Wir freuen uns darauf, diese Partnerschaft auch künftig erfolgreich fortzusetzen.

Alois Kruth
Geschäftsführer Bünting

We at Dansk Supermarked have always been very pleased with the cooperation with VOG. The very good service and flexibility makes everyday business easy.
The high quality apples ensures our customers a good experience in appearance and taste, and has helped us grow sales - in particular on Pink Lady®.

Thomas Feld
Category Buyer / Indkøber

We have been able to grow the business with VOG due to them offering a variety of consistently high quality fruit, this is vital to Peter Gilding & Co Ltd growing our program’s with our customers in the UK.
We look forward to continuing our good partnership with VOG and we wish you all the best for the future.

Andrew Gilding
Peter Gilding & Co Ltd

Nuestra visión como distribuidores en el mercado Español ha sido siempre la de colaborar con ellos tratando de ofrecer las claves de éxito para adecuar su producto al mercado y en todo momento apoyando las campañas de marketing asociadas a la marca. Quiero remarcar que estamos orgullosos de ser parte del proyecto Marlene® en España, del camino recorrido juntos y seguiremos a su lado para ayudarles a cosechar muchos más futuros éxitos juntos.

Christophe Laffon
Director Comercial de Hnos. Fernández Lopez

We highly value the flexibility, capacity and quality of Vog. The developing of branding and promotion is essential for ICA and in this area Vog have done a good job to support the growth of the 2 companys.
We for sure have a interesting and exciting future ahead of us, were we look forward to develop the apple business together.

Marcus Welin
Inköpschef frukt

70 años es toda una vida y llegado éste momento es normal que fluyan los recuerdos de ésta larga historia, pueden sentirse satisfechos y orgullosos por el camino recorrido pues ha sido fructífero y brillante.

Esperamos poder acompañarle en el camino que queda por recorrer.

Un fuerte abrazo

Sr. Francisco Argilés Felip
Presidente del Grupo NUFRI

I have spent thirty-five years of my life in the fresh fruit business. That is seventy per cent of my life and fifty percent of that of VOG. I am lucky to have seen VOG transforming the apple trade to perfection. Planet fruit importers Ltd and myself are privileged and grateful to VOG, for the opportunity they have granted us to form part of this success.

Joseph Zammit
Planet Fruit Importers Ltd

Più di 10 anni fa la ditta Ringoot ha iniziato la collaborazione con VOG.
Quando all'inizio era solo un lavoro discreto di Pink-Lady® oggi facciamo ogni anno più de 2.500.000 kili insieme.
Con la marca Marlene® abbiamo introdotto tutte le varietà di mele.
Sin dall'inizio abbiamo avuto un ottima collaborazione con i commerciali della VOG.
Non solo la gestione è quasi perfetta ma le attivitá di promozione sono bene pensate.

Tutto questo insieme fa crescere VOG & la famiglia Ringoot.

Un gran saluto di amicizia

Olivier & Dany Ringoot
Ringoot Fruit N.V.

Vogelaar Vredehof BV feliciteert VOG met haar 70e verjaardag. Onze vruchtbare jarenlange samenwerking is een voorbeeld van hoe gespecialiseerde bedrijven de Europese markt goed kunnen bedienen. Door continuering van deze samenwerking met VOG zien we goede toekomst voor de afzet van appels uit Zuid Tirol op de Nederlandse markt.

Liesbeth Jacobs
Marketing Manager

Quality of VOG

Product certification

VOG commercialises branded apples guaranteeing the highest quality standards.
The assortment ranges from the Südtiroler Apfel g.g.A.® and Marlene® brand names up to the sale of club apples: Pink Lady®, Kanzi®, Envy™ and others. Organically grown apples, namely Biosüdtirol® and Bio Marlene®, complete the offer.

Group certification

One big advantage for VOG, for the fruit growers and for the consumer is the possibility of obtaining Group GLOBALG.A.P. accreditation. A strict and coherent system of quality management together with the collaboration of different organisations ensures that each grower complies with the requirements of the standard. The result: a system that works to perfection and which guarantees maximum product safety for the consumer.

Quality standard

The Quality Management System is based on ISO 9001:2008.
VOG is certified under ISO and all the cooperatives are certified under ISO IFS and BRC. More than 30 internal inspectors work for VOG and the member cooperatives.

Quality management

Apples from South Tyrol - Südtirol are more than just a piece of unspoiled nature. They are the pride of an entire region. As a byword for health, unmistakable taste and unique pleasure, they meet best quality standards. Read more