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Apples packaging standards

A short production chain, modern technology and intelligent marketing are the cornerstones of our supply policy. Our high-quality packaging of apples and thorough checks right down to complete traceability ensure that our goods arrive where they are intended, i.e. to a satisfied customer.
Custom packaging
You can choose from our extensive standard assortment, or receive advice on customised packaging. Our sales team is at your disposal.
VOG’s extensive product portfolio includes more than 25 apple varieties.
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The VOG assortment includes many major brands such as Marlene®, Südtiroler Apfel g.g.A., Biosüdtirol®, Pink Lady®, Kanzi®, envy™, yello®, Jazz™, Joya®, SweeTango®, RedPop®, Giga®, Cosmic Crisp®, Crimson Snow® and Evelina®.
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