At our home, we share skills to cultivate quality.

One of our strengths is the apple quality.

Over 5,000 people bring the best apples to the world’s tables.

Quality and competence have always played a central role at VOG. Over 5,000 people work all year round to bring tasty and quality apples to consumers all over the world.

The expertise starts with our farmers in the apple orchards, continues with professional logistics and storage in the cooperatives and extends to marketing. Deep knowledge and a collaboration that has developed over decades create added value for farmers, customers and partners along the value chain.

Our quality apples undergo a comprehensive series of quality controls that start in the orchard and end on the shop shelf.
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Our 11 cooperatives are highly experienced in storage, calibration, packaging and logistics.
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Our producers
Our producers have been tending apple orchards for generations, always using the latest technology.
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