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Our 4,600 fruit growers work together on family farms and follow the strict requirements of integrated and organic production in apple cultivation. They have been tending apple orchards for generations, always using the latest technology. Our farmers know the region’s characteristics and cultivate each apple variety exactly where it finds ideal conditions. This guarantees the highest quality with every harvest.
Cultivation techniques: two eco-friendly production methods
Safe fruit is an important staple of our diet. To protect consumers, our apples come exclusively from organic and integrated cultivation. Both of these cultivation methods are subject to strict controls, which guarantee the best result for nutrition, taste and health.
Integrated agriculture

Integrated agriculture follows specific guidelines for the production of fruit products. The South Tyrolean AGRIOS workgroup for integrated fruit cultivation provides the following definition: “The expression ‘integrated production’ refers to an agricultural production system for foods in which natural resources are used in a sustainable fashion and aids such as fertilizers and plant protectants are used with care. [...] The use of chemical and synthetic agents is reduced to a minimum, and fertilizers are used efficiently.”

For a long time now, apple production in South Tyrol - Südtirol has been based on respect for the values of health, environment and sustainability. The start of integrated production dates back to 1989, when a group of South Tyrolean fruit growers decided to try a new approach to apple cultivation. Today, integrated production is a standard for South Tyrolean fruit growing.

So how does a farmer who decides to apply this cultivation method proceed? They try to maintain the natural balance that exists in the orchard. They respect natural pest antagonists and only resort to regulating practices for plant and harvest protection when necessary. They maintain the fertility and good health of the soil. Strict controls guarantee the healthiness and high quality of the apples. Further information can be found at https://www.agrios.it/en/.

Organic Farming

VOG’s 300 organic fruit growers dispense with chemical fertilisers and fungicides, replacing them with natural energy, which is particularly important for preserving and protecting the ecological balance of orchards.

In order to guarantee this quality over time, organic fruit growing must comply with strict guidelines such as, for example, EEC Regulation No. 834/2007. Independent state and IFOAM-accredited inspectors ensure compliance with these guidelines, since this is the only way to achieve the best results in the long term, with products from authentic organic cultivation that meet the highest standards.

Our quality apples undergo a comprehensive series of quality controls that start in the orchard and end on the shop shelf.
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Our 11 cooperatives are highly experienced in storage, calibration, packaging and logistics.
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