Sustainable today for tomorrow’s generations.

Our outlook is a window to the future.

"We are committed to sustainability."
We have the best conditions for sustainable, future-proof apple cultivation. We promote cultivation methods that safeguard nature, such as those of integrated and organic production, and use the most modern technologies for this purpose. Our apple production respects natural resources and protects people and the environment in equal measure, aiming to create a balance between ecology and economy. The goal is to leave future generations a world in which it is still possible to reap the fruits of our labour today.
Ecological sustainability
We use the resources that the earth offers us in a responsible manner. We support apple cultivation methods that follow the guidelines of integrated or organic production: we protect the natural balance of apple orchards and preserve the fertility and health of the soil, our most important and valuable asset.
Social sustainability
People and society are at the heart of our work. We want to contribute to quality nutrition. Thanks to our apples, we can feed society with healthy and safe products that are produced in a socially fair working environment.
Economic sustainability
We rely on innovation and state-of-the-art technology to add value to our production chain. We adapt our apple range to market demands and the needs of tomorrow’s consumers. This allows us to guarantee a stable income for the entire value chain and to ensure the continuation of agriculture in South Tyrol.

Sustainability has always played a central role in the South Tyrolean fruit-growing world. We all want to be part of a world that is more respectful of nature, more socially just and fairer in economic terms. To this end, the ‘sustainapple’ sustainability strategy was launched in 2019.


This strategy is supported by all actors in South Tyrolean apple cultivation and consists of three action areas: ‘The South Tyrolean Apple as a global success model’, ‘We promote healthy eating’ and ‘In partnership with nature’.
More information on ‘The ABCs of sustainability’ is available at