Apple varieties

Many apples to satisfy many tastes.

Care in creating the ideal conditions for the cultivation of each single variety ensures that apples are produced which stand out for the uniqueness of their aroma and quality. This means that in the vast assortment there will always be the right apple for all tastes and needs.

The green, aromatic top dog
The favourite with its bouquet
The juicy, crunchy refresher
A fleeting rose fragrance with a firm bite
Complex interaction between flavours and tastes
The sweet and tangy all-rounder
The unforgettably aromatic and crunchy
Fresh, green, intense and crunchy
Very firm, crisp, smooth skin
Sweet aromatic, juicy, with pleasant acid-sugar ratio
Firm, crisp, pleasantly sweet
Very aromatic, crispy and juicy

Club apples

Aromatic, fresh and sweet yet slightly acidic
The apple with fine floral elegance and refreshing juiciness
Refreshingly juicy with a fine tartness
Intensively exotic with a sure tropical flair
Aromatic, crunchy, providing the palate that special twist
Crunchy with sweet aroma
Very crunchy and juicy, with intense exotic flavour
Sweet with light acidic undertones, aromatic and juicy
Sweetly acidic, very aromatic and crunchy