21 June 2023

The Redpop® apple also convinces retailers in the United Kingdom

RedPop®, the apple-shaped snack, has already won over customers and consumers worldwide. Following its success in Asia, the little big sweetness marketed by the VOG Consortium has reached a new milestone in the UK: as of this season, it is available in Waitrose & Partners stores in a six-fruit pack.

The British retailer’s choice confirms the qualities of RedPop®, a perfect snack to hold in your hand, pocket or backpack so you can enjoy a pop break at any time. “RedPop® has already received overwhelming praise from our partners in many international markets,” comments Hannes Tauber, Marketing Manager at VOG. “This is certainly due to its characteristics, such as its exceptional sweetness and crunchiness, but also to its distinctive positioning as a snack and its fresh, pop brand identity, which stands out at the point of sale and also appeals to a younger audience.”

Its presence in Waitrose & Partners stores was complemented by an original marketing campaign in which RedPop® appeared on 78 of London’s iconic double-decker buses. On Britain’s most ‘red’ and ‘pop’ means of transport, two banners invited people to take a break with the apple-shaped snack. In the same period, a geolocalised digital campaign supported sales.

“We believe it is important for us to work in synergy with our customers because we want to be a partner in building the apple category together,” adds Tauber. “This is why our presence in the UK store was accompanied by an investment in communication that enhanced the brand and its positioning.”

RedPop®, the apple-shaped snack

With its crispy, succulent flesh, sweet flavour and pop image, the “Little big sweet” has already won the hearts of customers and consumers from all over the world.

Thanks to its size and resistance, RedPop® is the perfect snack to take wherever you go: an ideal apple to hold in your hand, pocket or backpack for a pop break full of sweetness, suitable for the most modern and dynamic lifestyles. With its red colour, its appearance is an immediate invitation to taste. As you bite, its crispiness and juiciness give way to a distinctly sweet flavour with notes of plum, melon, papaya and elderflower.

The brand identity, which underlines its pop character and innovative positioning, ensures that RedPop® stands out in the fruit and vegetable department and attracts new consumers to the apple category.