18 January 2024

The 2024 Marlene® calendar celebrates the art of sustainability

The celebration of the seasons and the assortment of flavours and aromas to find the right apple every day of the year, along with the importance of sustainability and the art of farming: these are the values of Marlene® apples that come together in the daughter of the Alps 2024 Calendar.

It is not just a calendar, but a true collection of artwork created by the winners of the Art Contest that celebrated Marlene®’s 25th anniversary. New works by Rosemarie Cattan, Francesca Cito, Sara Vera Lecaro, Federica Scarcella and Jaume Arnau bring the region of South Tyrol – Südtirol to life, along with the 4 seasons that shape the life of apple orchards, and the apple culture preserved by the 4,600 apple farmers of VOG – Home of apples. Central to this imagery is the theme of this year’s calendar, one of the pillars of the Consortium’s strategy: sustainability. VOG has an all-encompassing concept of sustainability that not only embraces the environment, but also farmers’ economic stability and the area’s social fabric. Striking the right balance between these three elements is crucial to safeguarding South Tyrol’s agricultural system of farming families who are efficiently and professionally organized into cooperatives, a virtuous model at international level.

“The Marlene® Calendar is a gift for our partners and customers, reminding them that we are by their side on every day of the year with a wide assortment of apples and our expertise,” comments Hannes Tauber, VOG Marketing Manager. “Throughout 2024, Marlene® will also be featured on digital, TV and offline channels with a marketing campaign that will take consumers on a culinary journey to discover our region, the apples and their rich flavours and fragrances.”

Marlene® apple farmers deploy all their experience in responsibly managing the earth’s resources, protecting the natural balance of apple orchards and preserving the soil’s fertility and health.

“Behind Marlene® apples lies a passion and a deep local culture, which is why the brand concept is the daughter of the Alps. Marlene®’s father is the mountain, her mother is the Mediterranean sun, and the weather is her teacher,” Tauber concludes. “Added to this are the four seasons and, with this year’s campaign, the Aroma Wheel and the culinary journey. With this calendar we wanted to tell the story of the art of sustainably growing excellent apples and to share this beauty with partners and customers, as a wish for a 2024 of fruitful cooperation and new projects together.”