20 February 2024

VOG at Biofach, bringing fresh vigour to organic apples

With 350 growers, output of 30 thousand tonnes a year and an apple assortment available all 12 months of the year, VOG – Home of apples continues its strategy of growth in the organic market by attending international shows dedicated to this trade. After the Organic & Natural Product Expo in Dubai in December, in February the Consortium starred at one of the biggest European events: Biofach in Nuremberg.

Apart from its large output and in-depth expertise, VOG offers the market an internal structure featuring the vertical integration of the entire production chain to offer the organic sector the guarantees it demands. In fact, the Consortium’s system starts from the invaluable work of the producers themselves and embraces all subsequent phases – processing, storage, packaging and distribution. This structure improves efficiency and increases the control of processes, raising quality standards and improving the dialogue between apple farmers, customers and consumers. All aspects on which organic food consumers focus strongly.

Biofach enabled VOG to consolidate its relationships in a key area for its commercial plans. “Biofach is a particularly important event, because Europe continues to be our main market of reference,” explains Werner Castiglioni, Organic Sales Manager at VOG. “We’re delighted with how the show went; it provided the opportunity to discuss the future of the sector with our commercial partners and confirm our development plans for organic apples, and we also gathered excellent feedback on our varieties and brand.”

At Biofach, VOG presented its wide assortment of organic apples, an offering which provides the right organic apple for every need at any time of year. The Marlene® Bio varieties, which came to Nuremberg under the new brand identity launched last autumn, were showcased very prominently. In the new image, the brand and the “Daughter of the Alps” storytelling are combined with features which evoke the apples’ sustainable production and origin, values of great importance for final consumers attracted to the organic food world.

The offering for the second half of the season also featured with the RedPop® Bio snack apple and Giga® Bio, magnificent and perfect for sharing. With their superior characteristics and distinctive image, these two apples are proving very successful with consumers and are well suited to organic cultivation thanks to their natural scab resistance. Starting in February, the market has also welcomed the arrival of Cosmic Crisp® Bio, the game-changing apple that offers a heavenly taste with its crunchy bite, flesh that melts in the mouth and unique balance of fragrances. This apple is also certain to appeal to the youngest, most lifestyle-aware consumer target.

VOG’s organic range also includes the Biosüdtirol brand and apples very popular with consumers such as Pink Lady® Bio, Kanzi® Bio, Evelina Bio® and envy™ Bio, as well as the familiar, delicious organic varieties Bonita, GoldRush® , Story® and Natyra® .

“Our brands and their communication are attracting great interest amongst our commercial partners and consumers, because every apple has a distinctive association with different values and lifestyles,” explains Hannes Tauber, VOG Marketing Manager. “This enables us to engage with a larger audience and expand the consumer base for organic apples, through effective, targeted advertising. At Biofach we were able to display all our expertise and our investments in exciting brands that add value to the fruit and vegetable department, confirming our role as the ideal business partner for managing the apple category.”