08 February 2024

Cosmic Crisp®, the dawn of a new age

The 2024 harvest

Cultivated by the South Tyrolean VOG and VIP Consortia, Cosmic Crisp® has tripled in quantity: 14,000 tonnes of table apples were harvested this year. This rapid rise will continue in the coming years, exceeding 40,000 tonnes in 2025. In the medium- to long-term, the aim is for Cosmic Crisp® to be available in Europe for 12 months of the year thanks to the apple’s popularity and long storage life.


Currently, Italy, Spain and Germany are the countries with the highest demand for Cosmic Crisp® in Europe. After these countries, the most significant markets are Scandinavia, the United Kingdom and Eastern Europe.


Following the success of last season, which saw enthusiastic consumer feedback, Cosmic Crisp® is back on the European markets as of 1 February 2024 with the production of the VOG and VIP Consortia. The brand’s promise of heavenly taste is fulfilled by superior organoleptic characteristics, confirmed by the quality of the new harvest. Cosmic Crisp® will accompany consumers and retailers until the end of summer.

The apple

Cosmic Crisp® is truly a game-changer for the apple category thanks to its unique characteristics: a taste that perfectly balances sweetness and tartness, fine, crispy and extraordinarily juicy flesh, and a wealth of aromatic notes that include complex fruity, tropical, citrus and herbal scents. It has an unmistakable appearance: a two-tone apple with various shades of red on a yellow background, it is embellished with white freckles resembling a starry sky. Cosmic Crisp® also has an excellent shelf life and storage life.

Marketing campaign

In line with its position, the 2024 campaign invites consumers to enjoy heavenly experiences. The major new development is the roadshow that will take Cosmic Crisp® to several European cities, including Madrid, Barcelona, Munich, Cologne, Berlin, Milan, Rome and Naples. Here, consumers will be able to discover the apple while admiring picturesque sunsets, an experience that goes beyond a classic tasting. The commercial is also back on digital channels in all target countries. The video depicts a taste journey suspended in time, in a sky dotted with floating apples, culminating in reality, on a large tree. The communication activities are complemented by a social media marketing campaign, PR activities and in-store promotions.