14 February 2024

The dawn of a new age. The apple category is flying thanks to the heavenly taste of Cosmic Crisp®

Production is taking off. In 2024, Cosmic Crisp® is rising fast: with an availability of 14,000 tonnes, the apple with a heavenly taste will see its quantities triple on the European markets. The upward trajectory will continue with the next harvest, where the goal is to exceed 40,000 tonnes. The quality of the fruit is very good, and sizes are in line with the needs of the main markets: Italy, Germany and Spain first and foremost, with a focus also on Scandinavia, the UK and Eastern Europe. In all these locations, the apple’s unique position and outstanding characteristics have already garnered enthusiastic feedback from consumers.

Heavenly goals. Thanks to extraordinary storage potential and a distinctive brand identity that associates the taste and aroma of Cosmic Crisp® with the sky in lifestyle imagery, the projects by VOG and VIP are certainly aiming high. “While this campaign will crescendo in spring and summer, our medium- to long-term goal is for this exceptional apple to accompany consumers for 12 months of the year,” comments Klaus Hölzl, Sales Manager at VOG. “Thanks to its excellent storage life and extraordinary taste and aroma profile, Cosmic Crisp® has the right wings to fly under any European sky.”

“Expectations are excellent because the crispness, juiciness and richness of flavour of Cosmic Crisp® make it a unique product for the category,” adds Benjamin Laimer, Marketing Manager at VIP. “By accompanying consumers and customers to discover its heavenly taste, we are absolutely certain that the new campaign will be a success.”

A high-flying marketing campaign. The investment in the brand and its importance in the European market is also reflected in the consumer campaigns, which focus on the sky and the “heavenly taste” of Cosmic Crisp®. With the start of sales, the new Instagram profile is already online (@cosmic.crisp.europe) and PR and in-store promotion activities are underway. From April, the commercial, which takes consumers into the heavenly dimension of Cosmic Crisp®’s infinite taste sensations, will be back on Italian television and major digital channels in all countries.

However, the major new development is the roadshow that will enrich cities in the main countries with heavenly experiences: consumers will be able to experience Cosmic Crisp® style, enjoying its juiciness, crispness and taste in locations perfect for admiring the sky.

“Cosmic Crisp® is an apple that pushes the envelope. It is a game-changer both at product level and in terms of its highly distinctive brand identity,” explains Hannes Tauber, Marketing Manager at VOG. “This uniqueness is reflected in the marketing initiatives, which bring consumers closer to this apple’s heavenly taste, linking it to the sky and its wonders.”

“The superior characteristics of Cosmic Crisp® have the power to win over new consumers, who are still looking for their ideal apple,” adds Fabio Zanesco, Contract Variety Manager at VIP. “This is why the brand’s imagery focuses on lifestyle and modernity, while being open to all. With this in mind, Cosmic Crisp®’s potential is like the sky: infinite.”