28 March 2024

VOG Innovation Corner: a breath of fresh air in the fruit and vegetable department

VOG is ever more committed to promoting the apple category and enriching the consumer experience in fruit and vegetable departments with innovative and disruptive communication. This is why, in partnership with several European retailers, the Consortium has launched the Innovation Corner, a new point-of-sale display format dedicated to the most modern apple brands.

The Innovation Corner is a mobile, versatile and flexible station that adds attractive elements to the point of sale, while guiding consumers in finding the right apple for their needs. The Innovation Corner immediately catches consumers’ attention. The goal is to highlight varietal innovation.

The initiative debuted in cooperation with a number of European commercial partners and focused on the Cosmic Crisp®, RedPop®, Giga® and yello® brands, but can be adapted to the specific needs of each market and time of year.

“With our vertical specialisation in the apple category, we are the ideal partner for category management projects that improve communication in the fruit and vegetable department,” explains Hannes Tauber, Marketing Manager at VOG. “The Innovation Corner is an example of this. With this tool, the most modern and distinctive brands can fully leverage their ability to attract new consumers, intriguing them and providing them with the tools to identify their favourite product.”

The response from consumers and points of sale has been decidedly positive. In combination with tastings, the Innovation Corner encouraged immediate purchase and even repurchase at a later date. The tool’s flexibility also made it possible to take apple communication outside the fruit and vegetable department.

“Both consumers and the customers we worked with were very enthusiastic about the initiative,” added Klaus Hölzl, Sales Manager at VOG. “Consumers found a different display than usual, with more space to better explain varieties and brands. Retailers appreciated the effort made to create something innovative for the category: some managed to use displays creatively, adding communication elements. This enthusiasm confirms that this is the right direction and that the initiative reinforces the joint work between us and our partners to enhance the entire supply chain.”