VOG’s Quality Management System

  • Compliance with AGRIOS guidelines for integrated production:
    • Selection of apple varieties suitable for the geographic area
    • Increase of food safety
    • Pesticides chosen from the list of active ingredients permitted for use in orchards
    • Recording of each use of pesticides and fertilizers
    • Control of the companies, their cultivation areas, licenses and records
  • Compliance with AGRIOS guidelines on running agricultural enterprises is the basis for participation in IGP and GLOBALG.A.P. certification
  • Competent technical advice
  • Test for ripeness with evaluation of internal values:
    • Level of starch reduction into sugar
    • Sugar
    • Acid
    • Fruit flesh strength
  • Identification of optimum harvesting window based on ripeness analysis
  • Guidelines for harvesting and delivery
  • Compliance with hygiene parameters
  • Careful hand-picked harvesting
Delivery and storage
  • Visual checks of harvest
  • Labelling of each bin to guarantee product traceability:
    • Grower
    • Orchard/li>
    • Variety/li>
    • Delivery date/li>
    • Production method/li>
    • Quality
  • Sampling for analysis of pesticide residue. Risk analysis based on the monitoring report
  • Evaluation of internal quality parameters
  • Allocation of the optimal cell (climate conditioned) for storage (short, medium or long term)
  • Sorting/grading program
  • Standard guidelines for product classification and labelling
  • Labelling after sorting with data taken from the delivery note to guarantee traceability
  • Sorting protocol with quality and grade classes
Packaging and dispatch
  • Selection of quality according to the specifications of each order in conformity with the applicable standards or the customer’s specific technical requirements
  • Outgoing traceability with packaging date, batch number or reference code
  • Controls on the conformity of the internal and external quality parameters with the specifications requested
  • Final inspection of products and packaging to determine conformity with the marketing standards, with the brand usage regulations and/or the certification standard
  • Database with complete information on orchard cultivation
  • Batch number assigned to the delivery note
  • Labelling of all containers to guarantee identification during the processing cycle
  • Product sorting protocol
  • Connection to the results of company inspections and control of records