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Coop. Fruchthof Überetsch

I-39057 Frangarto/Appiano
Via Bolzano, 69
Tax number: IT00229220215
Tel.: +39 0471 630111
Fax: +39 0471 630112

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Via Ponte Adige, 18
I-39100 Bolzano

Opening hours

Monday - Friday 8 - 12 and 14 - 18 
Saturday 8 - 12

+39 0471 630 184
Gala8.570.06025,30 %
Golden Delicious6.008.22017,74 %
Pink Lady3.825.32611,30 %
Granny Smith3.399.64510,04 %
Fuji3.019.7408,92 %
Braeburn2.530.1117,47 %
Kanzi2.177.2516,43 %
Jazz1.432.7014,23 %
Red Delicious1.003.2512,96 %
Scilate / envy401.3531,19 %
Other1.496.8774,42 %


In 1975, 26 original members founded the Fruchthof J Kössler Co-operative. Initially they had to rent their warehousing space. However, their growing success and ever increasing delivery quantities soon made it clear that a new building was urgently needed. Construction began in Frangarto. 1984 saw the co-operative move to this site and rename itself to become the Fruchthof Überetsch. Even by then the annual delivery quantity was over 1.200 carts. The co-operative continued to grow throughout the following years; in 1998 it merged with the OPAN Co-operative in Andriano, in 2004 with GOG – Firmiano Fruit Growers’ Co-operative and in 2012 with SACRA Co-operative in San Michele/Appiano.

After this joining its 605 members now produce an annual harvest of almost 50.000 tons of fruit on their 990 hectares. Almost 45% of production is composed by the varieties Gala and Golden Delicious. The remaining varieties are Fuji, Pink Lady®, Braeburn, Granny Smith, Red Delicious, Jazz® and Kanzi®. A wide range which permits the co-operative to satisfy mostly all customer specific desires.  

The very latest technology ensures the highest levels of efficiency: fully-automated high shelf warehouses, modern packaging lines and an excellent sorting which ensures fruit’s quality on a very high level. The top quality of the co-operative's apples is confirmed also by ISO 9001 certification for its quality management system, which is constantly monitored and improved by IFC and BRC.

Business management

G. Kössler
Managing Director
D. Frötscher

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