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Coop. Kurmark-Unifrut

I-39040 Magrè
Via Stazione, 38 
Tax number: IT00125760215
Tel.: +39 0471 818800
Fax: +39 0471 818899

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Via stazione, 38
I-39040 Magrè

Opening hours

Monday – Friday 8 – 11.30 and 13.30 – 17

+39 0471 818800
Founded in 1960, Coop. Kurmark-Unifrut became a member of the VOG in the same year. It has 470 members who cultivate a total of 796 hectares. In 2019 they supplied 49.177.534 kg of fruit.
Gala11.025.06325,44 %
Golden Delicious7.451.88217,20 %
Granny Smith6.918.12015,96 %
Pink Lady3.929.7549,07 %
Red Delicious3.363.9307,76 %
Fuji3.251.8387,50 %
Braeburn2.794.3326,45 %
Kanzi1.159.7622,68 %
Modì667.9241,54 %
Jazz506.2841,17 %
Other2.266.5365,23 %


The Kurmark Fruit Growers’ Co-operative came into being in 1960. At that time the 16 founder members harvested 270 carts of fruit. In the mid-70s they were joined by the S. Andrea Co-operative from Salorno which led to an increase both in members and yields. 2001 saw another merger, with Unifrut Fruit Growers’ Co-operative, whose foundation date of 1946 made it the oldest in the Bassa Atesina. This fusion also resulted in a new name - Kurmark-Unifruit.

This newly created co-operative soon embarked on a range of restructuring measures. Their modern, new equipment and extensive renovation works were all carried out with two goals in mind: to improve efficiency and optimize production.

When it comes to producing apples, Kurmark-Unifruit cultivates not only well-loved traditional varieties but is also willing to be a trend setter and experiment with promising newcomers. These range from Golden Delicious to Gala, from Granny Smith to Fuji. Not forgetting the Braeburn or the increasingly popular Cripps Pink.

Success was not slow in coming. Today the co-operatives 470 members cultivate a total of 796 hectares of land and produce over 50,000 tonnes of fruit every year.

Business management

F. Alber
Managing Director
W. Thaler
L. Codalonga

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