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Coop. Lana

I-39011 Lana
Via Sole, 12
Tax number: IT00219840212
Tel.: +39 0473 499220
Fax: +39 0473 563900 


Founded in 1972, the cooperative Lana has been a member of the VOG since 1999. It has around 150 members who supplied 20.000.000 kg of fruit in 2021.

In 1972, 35 farmers started up the Lana GmbH Fruit Growers’ cooperative. The early years were mainly spent on preparative measures, such as building warehouses, acquiring equipment and putting the finances in place. Finally, in 1975, the cooperative was ready to start building work. A very short time later their 65 members were able to bring in 4.650 tonnes fruit.

The cooperative's board of directors had already taken special care to design and build halls that were ideal for storage. The new storage areas allow the large crates of fruit to be stacked and stored as ergonomically as possible. Their headroom of more than 10 meters means 13 large crates can be stacked right up to the roof. Growing customer requirements also meant further investments in the very latest sorting and packaging systems. One of Lana's main aims is to meet all the many varied requirements of the market with innovative and proactive solutions.

Business management

T. Gruber
Managing Director
E. Zuech

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