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Coop. Roen

I-39052 Caldaro
Palude di Caldaro, 4
Tax number: IT00121550214
Tel.: +39 0471 1883100 
Fax: +39 0471 1883119

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Palude di Caldaro, 4
I-39052 Caldaro

Opening hours

Monday - Friday 7.45 - 12 and 13.30 - 17.30 

+39 0471 188 3100


The cooperative Roen was founded in 2016. It has around 660 members who supplied 54.000.000 kg of fruit in 2021.

Young, and yet steeped in tradition. Although the Roen Fruit Growers’ cooperative has only been in formal existence since 2016, it was created from the merger of three venerable predecessors. OG Caldaro was founded in 1954 as a reaction to the powerful fruit dealers who monopolized the market at that time. The Erzeugergroßmarkt EGMA Unterland was set up in 1968 and the cooperative Eofrut Termeno was founded in 1959.

The first two cooperatives grew steadily in the following years and therefore both required new warehouses and processing halls. In 2003 they finally decided to join forces. In 2016 another merger took place. The cooperative Eofrut Termeno joined the EGMA Caldaro cooperative and has been operating under the new name OG Roen since then. 

Business management

H. Weis
Managing Director
M. Pardeller

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