fascione cooperativa: 

Frubona Coop. Terlano

I-39018 Terlano
Via Enzenberg, 1
Tax  number: IT00237240213
Tel.: +39 0471 918367
Fax: +39 0471 918122

Immagine puntovendita: 

Via Enzenberg, 1
I-39018 Terlano

Opening hours

Monday – Thursday 8.30 – 12.30
Friday 8.30 – 12.30 and 15 – 19

+39 0471 065 161


The Frubona Obstgenossenschaft Terlan emerged from six original cooperatives from the area of Bolzano-Val d’Adige. In its current form, the cooperative is legally binding since August 2010. It has around 380 members who supplied 51.000.000 kg of fruit in 2021.    

The present-day Frubona Obstgenossenschaft Terlan originates from the cooperative Siebeneich OB.SI, founded in 1972.    All in all, it comprehends the six formerly independent cooperatives OB.SI of Siebeneich, LEV of Vilpian, TOG of Terlan, OPG of Gries, SOG of Sigmundskron and OPGN of Nals. In 2010, the Obstgenossenschaft Terlan merged with Frubona – Obstgenossenschaft Bozen-Nals and thus formed the the present-day Frubona Obstgenossenschaft Terlan.

Business management

M. Stocker
Managing Director
L. Geiser

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