Belgium, A Vegan Christmas with Marlene®

Showcooking for food bloggers with chef Julie Van Den Kerchove

To intensify the promotion of the Marlene® brand also in Belgium, one of the brand’s key, new destination markets, the Consortium organised an event aimed at national influencers.

The event was held in November at Bureau/Cuisine, a trendy food hub in Melle. The aim was to involve bloggers active in the national media and blogs as well as on social networks, in order to convey to consumers the great versatility of Marlene®, which is also suited to a vegan diet, an ever-growing consumer trend.

The Belgian chef and author, Julie Van Den Kerchove, guided influencers, helping them discover recipes for a Vegan Christmas, from aperitifs to dessert, and illustrating culinary combinations for each variety.

Amid social media photos and videos, the evening ended with sampling of the prepared dishes, listening to the history and particular qualities of Marlene® and its area of origin.

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