Milan moves to the rhythm of Kanzi®

Music is the theme of the Club apple’s new campaign which is addressing a dynamic, modern target with the Kanzi® B-eat event.


The Kanzi® apple was presented to Milanese consumers at an evening of music and entertainment in the historic Old Fashion club.

The event’s guest of honour, Alessandro De Giuseppe, who stars in TV show “Le Iene”, along with the “Kanzi® Men”, encouraged the evening’s participants to experience the extraordinary flavour of the Kanzi® apple and to have their reactions photographed, in line with the visuals of the 2018/2019 advertising campaign.

The media plan for the launch of Kanzi® in Milan involved radio commercials, newspaper ads and social media promotion.

The evening was preceded by a press preview for consumer and trade journalists. The event was open to the public from 8 pm onwards with music, a DJ set, appetizers and special Kanzi® apple-based cocktails.

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