RedPop® by Marlene®: the “little big” apple lands on the markets

The new red apple produced by the VOG Consortium has made its debut in Europe and has been trialled for the first time in Asia and the Middle East. Easy to hold and great-tasting, it is ideal as a snack and is also suitable for marketing in the second half of the apple season.

The first commercial season for the RedPop® by Marlene® apple produced by the VOG Consortium. With a harvest of 1,900 tonnes, this “little big sweetness” is available from the third week in March.

RedPop® is an ideal snack apple: small in size and particularly tough, it is suitable for taking with you on any occasion. Its firm flesh, crunchiness and sweetly rich taste make it perfectly attuned to the needs of modern consumers. Thanks to its natural storage life, it is ideal for marketing in the second half of the season.

Following the first trials last year, the 2021-2022 harvest of VOG Consortium members has reached the necessary volumes for a first real sales campaign with excellent fruit quality. Marketing, which began in mid-March, will run until the beginning of June this year. Sales will be supported by communication activities in the sector’s media and tastings in large-scale distribution outlets and fruit markets.

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