The apple with the perfect balance

Modì® is present on the most important European and international market since 2008 thanks to his special characteristics. Modì® is unique: red and bright, the apple with the perfect balance. The wonderful apple skin encloses the crunchy flesh of a green apple and the sweet tartness of a golden apple. This apple combines exquisitely the opposites. Perfectly balanced in flavour and crunchiness, Modì® considers the balance of nature where it is cultivated, thanks to the production methods in perfect harmony with the environment. It also considers the balance of your organism thanks to his nutritional value, flavour and appearance. The new red apple variety with a balanced flavour, is good for the environment and the consumer. The management system of the consortium Modì Europe SpA represents an additional value for the “project Modì®”: an Italian initiative with a strong international focus as the expanding partnerships abroad show. Some of the protagonists of Italian fruit and vegetables are part of the Consortium: a group of tree nurseries specialised in this apple variety and a pool of companies with the exclusive distribution of Modì® such as the VOG.

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