Compelling nobility

Since 1988 Rubens® has been delighting apple gourmets world-wide. The Rubens® conical shape already gives you a hint of its noble ancestry: its parents are the distinguished Elstar and the elegant Gala. Its inheritance is revealed in its crispy freshness and sweet, aromatic flavour. Even its appearance reflects its well-bred origins. Its beautiful deep red skin is patterned with elegant darker stripes and a complementary pale yellow tone. Rubens® gives more than fleeting pleasure. Its depth of aroma and tangy, sweet texture remain unchanged even when it is stored for a longer period of time. Rubens® is an exclusive apple for the connoisseurs among your customers. This brand is used to market only the very best apples of the Civni (cov) variety. This sweet and crispy apple combines the finest of Nature's treasures and is a valuable addition to any range.