Surprisingly apple!

If ever there was an apple able to adjust well to organic apple-growing methods, that apple is Evelina®. Thanks to its ability to withstand the main parasites of the apple tree, it needs no special treatment and can therefore embrace a less invasive method of farming. With its appetising shape and colours, from deep red to undertones of yellow, this apple will amaze you bite after bite with its fresh taste, calling to mind the authentic soul of nature. A sturdy, resistant apple, it treasures its freshness and “just-picked” taste over time. Which means it’s always succulent and crunchy, qualities which are appreciated at every taste test.

Created in the heart of Europe, it grows in countries whose microclimates are most favourable to its cultivation. Indeed it is cultivated also in South Tyrol - Südtirol, where every producer grows their Evelina® apples with dedication, care and passion.

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