Pink Lady®

Simply irresistible

Pink Lady® first saw the light of day "down under" in Australia in 1973. Fifteen years later, it took the apple world by storm. Europe became a devoted admirer due to this apple's robustness and storability. Its characteristic shape and colour also made it extremely popular. A pleasantly semi-sweet apple, whose freshly perfumed aroma combined with its unique taste and attractive shape make it simply irresistible. No wonder there is a steady increase in demand for Pink Lady®. In 1999, VOG became a licensed seller of Pink Lady®, which merged with the Pink Lady® Europe APLE marketing organisation. Today more than half of the European production comes from South Tyrol - Südtirol. The Pink Lady® brand is used exclusively to market the best quality Cripps Pink apples. So, don't miss out on the charms of Pink Lady®. Profit from its irresistible power of attraction.

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