Jazz™ Bio

An absolute explosion of color

Jazz™ originally came from New Zealand. Here it was bred from two classy parents: Royal Gala and Braeburn. Its irresistible appeal, attractive appearance and agreeable taste have all helped make this apple variety spread like wildfire. Particularly popular in Europe, it now grows in the apple orchards of South Tyrol - Südtirol. Here Jazz™ is available from October to April. The crunchy flesh has a glorious aroma. Jazz™ mainly tastes sweet. The pleasant, slightly sour overtone gives the necessary touch of freshness. This unique combination reveals its origins: Jazz™ inherited its delicious sweetness from Royal Gala, while Braeburn left its mark with the fresh, sour note. Jazz™ also looks impressive on the outside: an absolute explosion of color. The greenish yellow background is dabbed with orange stripes which deepen into a seductive red. This makes Jazz® a jewel of taste which brightens up the sales shelves with vivid color.

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